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See a belt – buckle up!

Campaign to get back-seat passengers to wear safety belts

The great majority of drivers and their front-seat passengers understand the necessity to wear safety belts and have got used to the idea. The situation is very different with back-seat passengers: even though statistics show that 50% of passengers killed had not been wearing safety belts and that they may have survived had they been wearing one, wearing a belt continues to be seen as stupid and unnecessary.

The "See a belt - buckle up!" campaign was specifically targeted at back-seat passengers to fight the prevailing perception that a car's front seat can protect people in accidents, and as a reminder that: SAFETY BELTS ARE OBLIGATORY for everyone, and will save the lives and wellbeing of both back-seat and front-seat passengers.

To make people really stop and think, and to clearly demonstrate the consequences of not wearing a safety belt, a real accident, a front-on collision between two cars was shown for the first time in Latvia. An 'Accident Demonstration Lesson' - a real crash showing the consequences of safety belts not being fastened - was organised, with the participation of experienced stunt men, a professor of physics and specialists from the Catastrophe Medical Centre.

The road-accident photos and videos shown at the opening event of the campaign were published in a number of internet portals, national newspapers and TV news broadcasts, and were utilised in a number of programmes.

A special campaign section was set up in the social networking portal giving people the opportunity to pose questions and get answers from CSDD experts, and to take a physics test about various accident situations. For their part, the CSDD's Riga branch put on an exhibition of safety equipment giving people the opportunity to experience simulated accident situations.

Client: CSDD (Road Traffic Safety Directorate)