Deep White

Notary Days

How did notaries strengthened their role in the judicial system?

Since the crash of the real estate market in 2008 real estate business stopped producing regular income and problems of trust raised the question about the further development of the notaries' system. 

We supported Latvian Council of Sworn Notaries in strategic planning and execution of targeted public affairs campaign in order to significantly strengthen notaries' role in the judicial system. Planned activities were put in place to gain trust of decision makers and gain new functions that are the base for notaries' ability to generate regular income.

A new initiative to organize Notary Days was started to demonstrate availability and openness of notaries while such internal communication activities as implementation of a common notarial identity, training, certification, honouring Notaries of the year strengthen professional competence of the notarial system. And step by step work with responsible decision makers lead notaries to their goal - work with uncontested divorce cases have been entrusted to Latvian notaries.

Targeted communications enhanced the competence and self-confidence of notaries at the same time gave positive boost to their public image. Some 30,000 people receive free advice during Notary Days events, and this has generated several hundreds of positive articles. Notaries handled 900 divorces in the first month after the law was adopted, and a total of 9,773 divorces have been handled since that time.  This has provided notaries with a steady flow of additional work.

Client: Latvian Council of Sworn Notaries