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Futuris - the Future Riga is already taking shape!

Futuris launch campaign

Just when the economic crisis had emasculated Latvia's real-estate market, the number of deals approached zero, numerous new projects stood vacant, a unique, sustainable and energy-efficient building - FUTURIS - was created. But how, in a stagnant real-estate market, make buyers notice a new living space, appreciate its advantages? Moreover, choose it for their next home among the huge range on offer, paying an above-average price?

We decided to turn apathy into active and constructive discussion. We created five visualizations of provocative buildings placed in Riga's most recognizable and sensitive areas and leaked them to the internet. After a while FUTURISannounced discussions with leading Latvian architects with one common issue - what Riga should be and what it should look like. 

Residents actively commented on Riga's future prospects, visited the FUTURIS website to find out their philosophy and vision for Riga's development. Continuing expert discussions resonated loudly in the public space. But the greatest achievements were shown by sales results - 80% or 48 of the 60 apartments in the FUTURIS residential building were reserved within two months. All this while Latvia's real-estate market was widely considered to be totally lifeless. Which shows that discussion leads to thinking. Which leads to results.

Client: Larix Properties