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Campaign for Latvian language

During 2011, most active section of Latvia's Russian-speaking community collected the necessary number of signatures for a referendum, on Russian as the second State language, to be held on 18.02.2012. NGO Par Latviešu valodu were outraged when, three weeks before referendum, polls increasingly leaned towards a vote for two languages. Supporters of Russian language were using strident and targeted communication to mobilise fellow thinkers.

In contrast, inertia and indifference ruled with the defenders of Latvian. Polls showed weak voter activity - 43.3% of those eligible were not even going to vote.

Numerous activists organised campaigns supporting Latvian, but these were invisible, fragmented. The Celies un Ej campaign, which addressed those ignoring the referendum and urged everyone to vote in referendum - was created for the Society For Latvian Language. A powerful visual identity and campaign materials were created appealing everyone to use them and express support. A kick-off event was organised to unite and mobilise all supporters and loudly announce the campaign in the public space.

Campaign idea unified hundreds of organisations and opinion leaders, thousands of people involved, it was widely reflected in media. But importantly - 71.12% of eligible voters voted in referendum confirming Latvian as the only State language. 

Client: NGO Par latviešu valodu