Deep White

LIDO “The Most Sonant People’s Dance Place”

Summer months are quite challenging even for such a traditional dining place as LIDO. In the summer, people tend to enjoy light meals on outdoor terraces, relax in gardens and parks – for many caterers that means a significant drop in their turnover. How to strengthen consumer loyalty and increase turnover in the summer months, when the city is full of different outdoor cafes, parks, events in old town and newly opened hotspots within the city centre?

In order to stay on trend during Latvian Song and Dance Celebration, we joined in on the ongoing buzz about the celebration and became a partner. But while others supported the song, we chose to support dance, becoming the only supporter of the dance celebration.

Before the celebration, LIDO Leisure Centre changed its name to “The Most Sonant People’s Dance Place". Together with the name-change, all LIDO restaurants turned into places where anyone could become a folk dance expert. We carried out activities that motivated the dancers and enthusiasts to regularly visit and eat at LIDO. In order relate more to the dancers and promote the campaign we partnered with the choreographers of the Song and Dance Celebration and a well-known dance group. LIDO brought together hundreds of folk-dance experts and enthusiasts, boosting their sales by 7%.