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Rimi Pet Club

Rimi offers a wide range of products for pets, even though pet owners prefer specialised pet stores and don’t see Rimi as the top seller of pet goods. Rimi developed a new loyalty programme “Rimi Pet Club” to strengthen connection with current clients (pet owners) and attract new ones, as well to enhance its image as the top choice when shopping pet products. 

To attract pet owners to Rim Pet Club, the retailer implemented the communication campaign, built cooperation with 28 animal shelters, and engaged industry & pet wellbeing experts. To increase awareness of Rimi Pet Club among general public, Latvian popular and top favourite band Astro’n’out became an ambassador of the club and the first pet anthem “The Paw Human” in Latvia was created as the result of this collaboration.

Over five months Rimi Pet Club welcomed more than 19 000 members and “The Paw Human” exceeded 57000 views on social networks.