Deep White

See. Hear. Speak.

40% of Latvia’s working-age population admit to staying silent about the violations at the workplace. No one wants to be the “stukach” – a name long attributed to KGB informants. Given the negative historical context of reporting and the complexity of the Whistleblowing law, how do we encourage people to whistle-blow? Let a child do it! The law and its mechanism were explained by a 12-year-old boy who knows perfectly well that you shouldn’t stay silent about nonsense. And we made whistleblowing normal – we explained the basis of the law and violations through visual and annoying comparisons from everyday life, such as a rotten pear on a shop shelf or a traffic light only showing the red light. With 466 378 total Facebook reach and 175+ media publications, people heard the call to sound the alarm – a total of 435 whistleblowing reports were submitted.