Deep White

Look twice! Twice!!

Safety campaign on behalf of motorcyclists and other less-protected traffic participants

If motorcyclists collide with a car, their chances of survival are relatively small. But they deftly flit through the gaps between cars, more and more often turning drivers into unintentional murderers.

Lifelong feelings of guilt and ever-present pangs of conscience are inescapable for such drivers and the knowledge that the accident was actually caused by the motorcyclist does not relieve this hurt.

The public information campaign "Look twice! TWICE!!" invited Latvian vehicle drivers to be careful and, to be on the safe side, look in their mirrors twice. Twice!!

As part of the campaign, TV clips, radio and outdoor advertisements addressed drivers and other traffic participants. The advice of professionals, descriptions of the most dangerous situations and a computer-simulation game could be found at the website

The Motorcycle Club Association of Latvia were invited to become involved, thus more than 1500 motorcyclists took an active part in the campaign. Among other activities, 50 motorcyclists created their own version of the campaign slogan Look twice! By taking over Doma laukums (Cathedral Square) and arranging themselves to symbolise an eye, they sent friendly greetings to all traffic participants.

In turn, the new motorcycling season was launched in unique fashion by the first performance of a song 'Look 2x 2x',specially composed for the campaign and sung by comedy legend and singer UFO.

Client: CSDD (Road Traffic Safety Directorate)