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Lido renews the lunch break

Campaign promoting the lunch break

The nation is in crisis; people are working too hard, saving money and too busy to eat a proper meal at lunchtime. These were the conclusions of research carried out by the Lido restaurant chain.

Lido's response? A campaign promoting healthy lifestyles, appropriate daily regimens and the renewal in Latvia of the tradition of eating a proper lunch.

'Let's renew the lunch break!' said solicitous Lido hostess Lydia, not just in the advertisements created by the agency !MOOZ, but at the media event attended by numerous journalists. She explained the benefits of good nutrition in maintaining good health with the president of Latvia's Gastroenterologists' association, Dr. Anatolijs Danilāns. They were also joined by Olympic champion weightlifter Viktors Ščerbatihs. In turn, in cooperation with well-known dietician Lolita Neimane, special low-calorie menus were developed for those people who, according to the research data, were avoiding restaurants because they feared putting on weight.

The basic principles of healthy nutrition, dietician Lolita Neimane's recommended meals, Aunty Lydia's proper-meal-for-lunch manifesto, and stimulating entertainment for quieter moments could all be found at the campaign's special website where thousands of users took the opportunity to download lunch-break e-cards, the campaign video and mobile phone ring tones featuring campaign slogans.

Client: Lido