Deep White

Doctors against smoking

Anti-smoking campaign

Target-group research attests that, to people who want to stop smoking, the support of friends, relatives and doctors is much more important than advertising in traditional media. That is why, to encourage Latvia's smokers to quit more effectively, in cooperation with the Latvian Medical Association and the Pfizer company, a campaign was created with the strategic message 'See your doctor and liberate yourself!'

Consequently, thousands of people visited the Lung Repairs Service where they could measure their lung capacity and obtain medical advice on the most effective ways to stop smoking. Doctors also addressed smokers at an event in Vērmanes dārzs dedicated to International Non-smoking Day; in turn, female gynaecologists joined the campaign to specifically target female smokers.

A substantial pledge project was executed in the social networking website where those who could not rid themselves of their harmful habit were addressed directly, having been drawn together through a questionnaire. The chance to get support from friends and doctors, anytime, day or night; to strengthen one's resolve with the help of a special calculator to work out the money saved and life-expectancy increase since quitting, mutual wagers made by quitters, a virtual reality show about quitting and various competitions ensured the active participation of users. Encouraged by the Pledge section, people created autonomous net groups, who agitated for their friends not to smoke and emphasised the campaign message - doctors offer the most help in this process.

The solution was also highly rated by the Golden Hammer jury who awarded Deep White and media agency Reactive a Silver Hammer in the Best use of the Internet category.

Clients: Latvian Medical Association, Pfizer