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The Rimi healthy eating initiative

Public opinion polls as well as the observations of experts show that almost half of the Latvian population pays no attention to healthy eating. This is also supported by the typical shopping basket which, more often than is desirable, contains high-fat products, but significantly less often – different vegetables, fruit, dairy products and fish.

To encourage the Latvian people to change their habits, eat more healthily and with more variety, a long-term initiative – the Rimi healthy eating movement Aikāgaršo – was created. Its main aims are to ensure that, over the next few years, Latvian people amend their eating habits and menus to include more healthy foods, while the people themselves learn cooking skills and use them in their everyday lives. Head chef Normunds Baranovskis was chosen to be the main spokesperson for and public face of Aikāgaršo, someone who really wants everyone to be healthy and eat well. But best of all – to have eaten something healthy.

An extensive survey of public-eating habits was held as part of Aikāgaršo, together with an analysis by nutritionists of the food in a typical shopping basket, a series of educational materials were developed, and tastings and cookery workshops organized in the Rimi kitchen. The Aikāgaršo chef went on a tour of schools all over Latvia, having visited more than 30 schools and taught nearly 1 000 schoolchildren about healthy cooking in less than a year. Aikāgaršo participated in several charity projects supported by Rimi and TV cookery shows, becoming one of Rimi’s advertising faces, as well as developing more than a hundred recipes in print and video format.

Client: Rimi Latvia