Deep White


How Nordea ensured that it’s CSR is not just PR?

To embody the vision that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is part of Nordea's DNA and business strategy, internal communication was chosen as the key. Nordea truly believes that only engaged employees can really ensure that CSR is as an integral part of the business - integrated into the bank's products, customer service standards and bank's relationships with its stakeholders.

Employees from all levels and departments were involved in development of CSR strategy from the very foundations - starting with situational analysis, defining goals, objectives, ending with the instigation and implementation of the CSR programme. CSR task force, targeted internal communication campaign and integration of CSR in human resource policies helped to ensure that employees believe in CSR philosophy and are proud ambassadors of it.

75% of all employees associate with Nordea when it implements activities relating to CSR. 65% are actively involved in community and environmental endeavours. One in five, or nearly 80 employees participated in financial literacy programme, many of them become financial coaches, around 10% of staff utilised volunteer day paid for by the bank. And those are only few examples.

Client: Nordea Latvia