Deep White

Environmet accessibility campaign Mapeirons

A new beginning for people with disabilities

Apeirons is an organization of people with disabilities. Their goal is a society in which everyone is included and able to live full lives. Environment accessibility is one of the key factors. However the facts about environment accessibility in Latvia are harsh – people with disabilities have limited access to over 80% of the newly built or refurbished buildings. A fundamental problem with our largely inaccessible environment is the fact that people in wheelchairs do not have the information about which public places – like pharmacies, clinics, entertainment venues, governmental institutions, etc. – are accessible because even if the official “information about a lot of objects might say” that they are accessible, the reality might be different.

To significantly improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and inspire them to live life at the fullest, the agency Deep White initiated to start a social campaign called Mapeirons and to create the first environment accessibility application in Latvia. Instead of the usual “naming and shaming” the “inaccessible Latvia”, agency Deep White and Apeirons decided that “naming and faming” might work better. To create the application, Apeirons spoke to over 3000 entrepreneurs and municipality representatives, inspected over 22 000 objects and presented “Wheel friendly” stickers to over 1000 good practice examples.

The campaign Mapeirons became the largest event of the decade for Apeirons organization. Over 200 Apeirons members were engaged and empowered by changing their internal doubts to self-confidence and “can-do!” attitude. More and more businesses are showing interest in receiving the “Wheel friendly” award sticker. They ask for consultations with Apeirons about accessibility solutions in their newly built and planned objects. The campaign significantly increased interest in accessibility issues and people with disabilities now have a great everyday tool for living colourful, full lives.

Client: The organization of people with disabilities “Apeirons”