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The ZZ Championship

The largest sports and puzzling games event for Latvian schoolchildren

As the country’s capacity to organise extensive and attractive sports activities for young people fell and events run by sports federations were old-fashioned and used out-of-date equipment, more and more young people took to other types of entertainment to replace sport. So it was clear that Latvian schoolchildren lacked a large-scale project that could change the critical situation in terms of educating young people about sport and encouraging more young people to take up sport and adopt healthy lifestyles.

Initially, the ZZ Championship was conceived as sport and creative competitions for students with the aim of promoting sport as an exhilarating, interesting and healthy pastime. However, due to the great interest of students and the creative input of Zelta Zivtiņa and its project partners, it has become the largest sports and puzzling games event for Latvian schoolchildren. At the same time, the ZZ Championship was created as a platform for bringing to life the values and philosophy of Zelta Zivtiņa, reaching its target group while also performing an important social mission.

To promote a healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren, several well-known and acknowledged sportspeople were chosen as ambassadors of sporting spirit and the ZZ Championship to take sports lessons at a number of Latvian schools where they revealed a few ‘tricks of their trade’ and shared their success stories, explaining how sport had shaped their lives and accomplishments.

In turn, ten semi-final competitions consisting of sport, puzzling and creative disciplines were held in several Latvian cities to determine the finalists. The ultimate winners are decided at the Grand Final in Riga city centre, launched with an imposing parade of ZZ Championship participants through the capital’s streets every year. In parallel with the final, Zelta Zivtiņa organizes a sports festival for families and friends, giving everyone a good time, also enabling them to support the competitors in the main event.

A variety of telecommunication-related paraphernalia was used at the competitions, while ZZ direct services were included in the activities, so not only testing and improving young people's knowledge of the telecommunications industry, but also reinforcing the positioning of the ZZ business. In addition, the promotional clips for the ZZ Championship featured the stars of the Zelta Zivtiņa advertising serial, much loved by the target audience, to gain a greater response from young people. The stars also attended the ZZ Championship semi-finals and finals and helped the championship achieve a successful launch.

Ever since the ZZ Championship was started, the number of participants has increased considerably every year. Over its five years, more than 6 000 classes or more than 152 000 schoolchildren from ten Latvian cities have participated in the ZZ Championship, competing for the title of Latvia’s most sporting, friendly and generally astute class. The ZZ Championship has become the best-attended and largest scale event for young people in Latvia, even surpassing the number of participants in the Latvian Schools’ Song and Dance festivals held in 2005 and 2010. Last year, 85% of all the young people in Latvia, whose ages met the competition rules and criteria, participated in the ZZ Championship.

Having become a nation-wide event, the ZZ Championship has not only gained wide media coverage, but also increased awareness of and loyalty to the Zelta Zivtiņa brand, securing the status of best-loved prepaid phone card brand for several years on end. The ZZ Championship was recognised as the best sponsorship project in 2010, winning the top prize in the Sponsorship category of the 2011 Baltic PR Awards.

Client: SIA Tele2 (Zelta Zivtiņa)